In Focus: Recruiting and Reviewing Board Members

Recruiting and Evaluating Boards

Throughout November we shared articles and resources focused on finding, recruiting, and reviewing board members.

Within the organisations I work with, finding and recruiting board members is becoming more strategic, and is more of proactive process that involves considering the organisation’s needs in the short-medium future, along with understanding that there will be natural board turnover that needs to be addressed and managed.

Hand-in-hand with the increased sophistication of board recruitment, is a stronger focus on evaluating individual directors and the board as a whole. These performance reviews are considered good corporate governance by most – if not all – industry and regulatory bodies. Performance reviews are delicate tasks to undertake, particularly with volunteer boards.

Following are some of my picks from around the web to help you with finding, recruiting, and evaluating boards and board members.

Developing a Board Recruitment Process by Wild Apricot

This guide, written for volunteers and staff of small membership organisations that are new to board recruitment or looking to refresh an existing process, shares advice and tips to develop a basic 4-step board recruitment process. Read more…


Finding and Recruiting Board Members

Don’t wait until the AGM and hope people raise their hand to join the board. Being proactive in seeking, recruiting, and onboarding highly qualified board candidates will raise the quality and performance of your board. Here are some tips on setting the foundations necessary to recruit candidates, and places you can find the best board candidates. Read more…


What Makes for a High-Performing Board? By Russell Reynolds Associates 

This article discusses the definition and measurement of a high-performing board. The article draws upon people’s direct experience in working closely with boards, and upon the specific insights provided by the chairmen and chief executive officers of some of the United Kingdom’s largest companies. Read more…


Director Performance Evaluation by the Australian Sports Commission via the Office for Recreation and Sport South Australia

This detailed template – ready for you to simply print and use – takes each board member through a self-evaluation process to determine how they are performing on the board, and where their developmental areas may be. This template can also be used in a peer-evaluation process. Do keep in mind that peer reviewing board members is something that requires a lot of care, tact, and perhaps a little expert assistance. Download template (PDF).


The Path to Effective NFP Board and Director Evaluations by Better Boards Australia 

Whether an organisation is focused on obtaining a profit or not, its governing body (whether it is a board, council or other grouping) should be adding value to that organisation, not hindering organisational performance. Not-for-Profits (NFPs) must have effective leadership from the board and CEO as well as management staff with the necessary skills to enable the organisation to develop and grow. Further, NFP boards must be able to demonstrate that the governance of the organisation is in safe hands. Here’s how…


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