In Focus: Social Media in the Boardroom

During March we have been sharing articles and resources focused on the relationship between social media and the board.

At a board level, social media still seems like a dark art reserved for Gen-Ys and hipsters. Fortunately social media has become more sophisticated; moving from people just sharing pictures of their lunch, to now forming an integral part of the modern organisation’s marketing arsenal. It’s now up to board to catch up with this thinking.

Following are some of our picks from around the web to help you sell social media investment (in time and money) to the board, and also what you need to know as a board member in relation to social media.

Social Media And The Boardroom: Critical Questions Directors Need To Ask by Fast Company

The good news is that there are a number of questions directors can begin asking today that will immediately help them, and their organisations, get up to speed with social media. Here is a list of the 10 most critical questions that bridge the crossroads of corporate directorship and social media. Read more…


Engaging the Boardroom: Social Media for Corporate Directors by Risk for Good

The risks and rewards of social media and what you need to consider as a board before you launch your social media activities. Read more…


Social Media in the Boardroom – Notes for Board Members

The main take-aways from Simone Douglas’ presentation on social media in the boardroom, as part of our Director Download Series events. Read more…


Boardroom Lessons from a Social Media Misstep by Harvard Business Review

Board members need to understand the factors that impact their businesses. Economics, politics, and sector shifts are all vital issues on the agenda in the boardroom. But the agenda needs to keep pace with what is influencing business, and amongst the things that board members need to fully appreciate is the growing influence and power of social media. It is not just about political uprisings any more. Read more…


Social media needs to be a boardroom issue by The Marketing Site

The companies that will drive the most advantage from social media in the years to come will be those that treat it as a boardroom and executive committee level issue rather than as a pure marketing and communications function. Read more…


Best practice, social media governance and the board by Blue Chip Communications

Social media and its powerful potential role (both positive and negative) in many organisations’ fortunes are now well established. As such, it should be directly recognised and addressed in a company’s governance arrangements. Read more…


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