Board Leadership in a Not-For-Profit with Patton McDowell | Ep. 58

I’m joined in this episode by Patton McDowell, a non-profit expert and leadership coach. Our conversation traverses many elements of not-for-profit / nonprofit leadership, focusing on boards and board members. We tackle the issue of how to get the most out of your board members, and how a not-for-profit (NFP) board can go from well-intentioned to high-performing.

Patton also shares his views on joining a NFP board from a traditional (for-profit) background, and how to build a dynamic board in a NFP organisation. We close out with some future-casting on what’s in store over the next number of years for NFP boards. There is a wealth of information in this conversation for boards beyond NFP sector, so grab a pen and paper and settle in with my conversation with Patton McDowell.

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About Patton McDowell

Patton McDowell is a nonprofit expert, best-selling author, speaker and coach. He leads PMA Nonprofit Leadership, a consulting practice he founded after his successful twenty-year career in the nonprofit sector. His leadership experience includes work at Special Olympics International and Special Olympics North Carolina, and he led fundraising teams at a public and a private university.

He is a frequently sought-after consultant and speaker on nonprofit issues of strategic planning, organizational development and staff & board leadership. Patton received a BA from UNC Chapel Hill, an MBA from Queens University of Charlotte, and a Doctorate from the University of Southern California. He’s a Certified Fundraising Executive, a Master Trainer for AFP International, and Director of the Institute for Philanthropic Leadership.

Having worked with over 250 nonprofit organizations, interviewed 150 leaders on his podcast, and coached over 50 leaders through his Mastermind program, Patton recognized the need for skilled leadership in this increasingly complex and quickly expanding sector. He was determined to provide a practical guide to help anyone in – or pondering – nonprofit leadership define their goals and give them a clear path to achieve them, motivating him to write, Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership: Seven Keys to Advancing Your Career in the Philanthropic Sector.

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