Calling All Mining and Resources Industry Professionals

Build your boardroom potential.

With only 2.7%* of mining CEOs currently being female, it’s time to develop yourself as a strong leader, not only within your organisation and the mining industry, but into clubs, groups and organisations in the broader community. Get on Board Australia offers an online course that builds your directorship capabilities, boardroom readiness, and leadership skills.

What you can do

As part of your continual professional and leadership development, consider completing the course yourself or bringing together a group of female co-workers to complete the course with you so that you are learning together.


  • Boardroom Bootcamp is a professional development option delivering approx. 60 hours of continued professional development
  • Increases your professional competence to help you further deliver high-quality work that benefits you, your organisation, the community, and the economy
  • Extends the range of your professional skills and develops new areas of expertise
  • Increased confidence
  • Grows your network within and beyond mining
  • Increases and broadens your career opportunities

About Boardroom Bootcamp

Boardroom Bootcamp is a comprehensive and affordable online course for new and aspiring company directors and board members. It accelerates your learning and understanding of what it takes to be on a board.

You will gain all of your foundational knowledge in one course that enhances your boardroom potential. The topics covered in the course have been contributed by subject matter experts from around Australia, giving participants access to high quality information and learning from some of Australia’s best and brightest.

Boardroom Bootcamp is available across Australia via a flexible study method (online) that can be fit in around your schedule. The time investment required is around 4 – 6 hours per week.

Find out more about Boardroom Bootcamp here.

Preferential pricing is available for AUSIMM members, member organisations, and WIMNet members, offering 20% off the cost of Boardroom Bootcamp using the code gobxwim.

* 2014 data – only 2.7% of mining CEOs are women. Sourced from

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