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A question that I am frequently asked by business owners and leaders is how do I put a board together? Of course, I have some recommendations about this; however, sometimes it pays to have an expert advisor – someone who literally wrote the book on it – to give a considered and comprehensive answer to this question. And this is a conversation not only for business owners looking to build their board; it’s also beneficial for aspiring board members to understand so that they can better position themselves for these opportunities.

The book I am referring to is ‘Build Your Board, Build Your Business’ (find it here) and the author is Barbara Clarke.

Barbara is the Co-Founder of The Impact Seat LLC and Chair of the Board of The Impact Seat Foundation. Barbara’s vision of full-stack philanthropy melds impact investing, advocacy and grant-making to accelerate an expanded and equitable economy for all. As one of the top U.S. individual investors in women-led innovative tech start-ups, Barbara’s iconic investment strategy has inspired many others around the world.  Currently, she serves on a variety of boards, including Founders First Capital Partners, an innovative revenue-based financing firm formed to support diverse small businesses around the country.

In 2022, Barbara released her Amazon best-selling book, “Build Your Board, Build Your Business”.

Her book, and the ANCHOR model she puts forward, is the catalyst for our conversation. Barbara shares her recommendations on how to know when the time is right to start building a board and how to use the anchor model to do so. How much you could expect to pay your board members, how best to use your board, some of the traps for first-time CEOs working with a board, and how aspiring board members can position themselves for these board roles.

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