In Focus: Getting Your Voice Heard in the Boardroom

Articles from around the web focused on building your confidence in the boardroom

Throughout September we shared articles and resources around personal presence and getting your voice heard in the boardroom.

For new directors, the boardroom can be an intimidating and overwhelming environment. Existing hierarchies, alliances, and large personalities can make it difficult for you to get your voice heard, assert your position in the group, and get your opinions across.

From my experience, it involves moving out of your comfort zone and having confidence in your thoughts, opinions, and questions. The advice, tips, and suggestions in the following articles can help you adjust and get comfortable in the boardroom.

Resilience-building tips to help you perform under pressure by CGMA

In a high-pressure situation, many of us have experienced a loss of composure or focus, or as performance coach Mark Sheasby describes it, “your brain turns to scrambled eggs.” In this article, Sheasby outlines practical ways professionals can build resilience and improve their performance under pressure. Read more…

How to have a powerful presence by Tricia Karp

Everyone wants to appear confident. Yet, confidence takes so many different forms. Whenever people say they want to be perceived as confident, they are unsure of the sort of behaviours they need to adopt to be able to do that. Tricia shares powerful tips on how you can develop your own powerful presence. Read more…

Why you should date your board by Get on Board Australia

A lot of the leg work around building relationships, sounding out your fellow board members’ opinions and views, and gaining support for an idea you have is done away from the boardroom. The ‘people stuff’ matters in – and beyond – the boardroom. Dating your board can help you forge deeper relationships with the people you share a table with. Read more…

Self Promotion in the Boardroom by Get on Board Australia

Within boardrooms all around the world you will have no trouble finding plenty of company directors who are not backwards in coming forwards about their particular prowess. A little confidence goes a long way in the boardroom; however, there are a number of incredibly valuable board members who actually find it challenging to assert themselves and showcase the value they have just waiting to be tapped into. Here are some tips to help you not come across as incredibly narcissistic, or embarrassingly get shot down in flames. Read more…

Three ways women can make office politics work for them by Harvard Business Review

Politics is how power is managed on a practical basis everyday. It has very little to do with morality and everything to do with managing relationships and getting the job done. In other words: it’s not optional. Here are a few tips on how women can flex their political muscle. Read more…

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